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Mobile Loading Ramp

Mobile Loading Ramp




Product Description

These ‘‘Jet” Mobile Ramps are used for shifting of fork-lift trucks, cars and industrial vehicles between various ramps and the ground level. If the mobile ramp is not in use, it can be rapidly shifted and applied elsewhere. The elevation of the ramp is done by using manual hydraulic pump.

These  ramps are the connecting bridge for the forklift to drive between the floor and the carriage while loading and unloading goods. It’s mobility will meet the needs of mobile work in the different loading areas.

Bearing beams made of high strength rectangular shape manganese steel pipes have high rigidity. Ramp surface made of corrugated steel board has super slip-proof capability.

It’s powered by manual hydraulic pump for elevation and, there is  no need of electrical power for outdoor use.

Mobile Ramp is capable of accelerating the loading and unloading operations and ensuring safety. It is an ideal auxiliary equipment for modern logistics.

Height-adjustable supporter to prevent the vehicle from overturning installed to uphold the beam of the vehicle backend in order not to overturn the vehicle when the forklift enters and the gravity centered at the end. This will completely ensure the safe operation.

Length-adjustable chains to hook up the vehicle to prevent the separation of the ramp and the truck in case of any movement of the ramp or the truck to ensure safety


Platform Size
TMRMP – 6.06000600030001000300103001800210012001600
TMRMP – 8.08000600030001000300103001800210012001600
TMRMP -10.010000750030001000300113001800210012001600

 Control Panel : An Electric control panel will be supplied for  up down travel  of dock leveler


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